Equipe medicale is constantly searching for qualified medical personnel for our events, we are continuously recruiting throughout the year and our principal demand is between the months of may and october.

To become part of our team, you need to have a minimum of one of the qualifications listed bellow.

Important: regardless of your level of training, it is obligatory to have a CPR level C training or higher (baby, infant and adult).

You must provide proof of qualification and posses a copy that you can carry with you during events (card, diploma, statement of grades, etc.) this qualification must be one of the following:

  • General first aid and CPR red cross
  • General first aid and CPR st Johns ambulance
  • General first aid and CPR HSF after 1st of january 2015
  • First responder MSSS (Ministere de la sante)
  • First responder red cross
  • First responder St Johns ambulance
  • First responder Firefighter DEC or AEC
  • Ski patroller
  • PNIC active Technicien ambulancier Paramédic
  • Technicien ambulancier paramédic awaiting PNIC results
  • Registered Nurse
  • Prehospital emergency care student having completed ⅔ of training
  • Nursing student having completed ⅔ of DEC or BAC
  • Student in Medicine having completed ⅔ of schooling
  • Sports therapist
  • Sports therapist student (having completed first responder course)
  • Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapy student having completed ⅔ of training
  • rehabilitation technician with a sports taping training
  • Doctors

The following courses are not recognized

  • CSST workplace first responder
  • Auxiliary nurse
  • First aid training less than 16 hours

If your training is not listed above, you can contact us at or we invite you to enlist in a general First aid and CPR 16h training course. these courses are valid for 3 years and are inexpensive.

How we function at Equipe Medicale

To become a member of our team you first need to have a one of the recognized qualifications. there is no minimum requirement of availabilities or yearly meetings to attend.

You need to subscribe to our mailing list (see below) and you will regularly receive our emails with several offers for events (principally between may and october)

Once an event interests you, put your name in our scheduling system with your availabilities. we will contact you if you have been chosen for the event (generally 4 to 8 days before the event)

Volunteer or paid?

The majority of our events and Equipe Medicale are compensated (lump sum or hourly rate). Our paid events are, for the most part, small events with less than 8 responders. Our volunteer events generally require significantly more staff and last longer. Once you have given your availabilities you are free to pick and choose the events you want to work. Please take into account the the paid events are more popular than the volunteer events due to the fact there is not interview process for each event. Our senior staff are generally chosen first based on reliability and proven abilities. it is also pertinent to know that there are more volunteer and paid events at the beginning of the summer and almost all of the events at the end of the peak season are paid.

It is also possible to occupy and seasonal full-time or part-time position with us. all postings will be listed via email.

Why we need volunteers?

In certain major events, the event organization mandates us to provide materials, personnel, management and recruitment of volunteers. In other events, the events require us to provide a turnkey operation including our staff (in this case will be compensated). Our volunteer events are generally big festivals and are very stimulating contracts. To be a volunteer on these occasions allows you to experience the event in a very special and unique way.

Our mission:

Our mission is to offer a quality first response service to our clients. To achieve this we seek out smiling and enthusiastic individuals who desire an enriching experience and social environment. The sense of belonging that we bring forth in our teams and events is an essential element that our members posses. weather your a professional with numerous years of experience, or a beginner seeking experience, you are welcome to join. you must be open to learning from your fellow colleagues and in turn teaching to them when necessary.

We integrate our new members with a unique coaching and coaching system that is personalized to each new members needs. As needs arise, we offer to our members training in order to develop and increase their skills and interests.

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