Our team

Our team is composed of unique individuals with a variety of training and qualifications, here are some statistics that describe us.

95% of our responders have obtained or are in the process of acquiring post secondary education. 75% have concentrated their studies in the medical field (nursing, paramedics, physio, sports therapy, medical doctor, inhalotherapy, ergotherapy). 40% of our members are trained and experiences in emergency services (firefighting, paramedics, police). Our supervisors have between 3 and 18 years of special events experience.

Most of our responders participate on a casual basis at the events that Equipemedicale covers, this is because they are employed or in the process of finishing their education in medical fields. Because our personnel attend on a volunteer basis, according to their interests and availability, this assures they will be motivated and interested in your events.

We also employ a small team of full time staff in order to ensure continuity of our operations and to transmit to our new or casual staff the methods of success of our enterprise.