Equipe médicale

Providing Medical services for events in Quebec since 2010. We offer first aid, medical services, and specialty services such as sports therapy and physiotherapy. Our team consists of over 500 qualified medical responders, ready and available for your events.

Why choose us?:

Equipe Medicale is a enterprise entirely devoted to the events sector. Our approach is designed to ensure your participants have the utmost positive experience at the height of your events, even if they require our services.

Our dynamic and motivated team are allowed to choose which events they want to cover. As a result they are looking forward to attending your events.

We organize our care, to the best of our abilities, with the objective that your clients can participate and enjoy your event as long as possible.

We are present in more than 200 events of all shapes and sizes.

We have a multidisciplinary team that can be adjusted according to the needs of each specific event.

Our uniforms are highly visible and easily distinguishable between with other emergency services or police, this benefit allows for a more humane experience throughout the intervention.

We adjust our offer to meet the needs of your event and budget.